Authors Guidelines

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BALKANJM is an Internet-based journal tool that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and works on multiple platforms. You can access the BALKANJM site by navigating to the journal home page and clicking the "Submit Article" link.

The first time you access BALKANJM, you will need to register to obtain a username and password. Once registered, you will receive your log-in details by e-mail. E-mail is the primary form of communication that you will receive as an Author.

Submit a manuscript
To submit a new manuscript, log in to the "Main Menu" and click 'Submit Article'. Here you can submit all the data that comprises your manuscript - text files, images and descriptions.

Peer Review
All submitted articles are reviewed by up to three peer reviewers considered familiar with the specific subject matter, including at least one member of the journal’s Editorial Board. When necessary, articles may receive additional review to ensure accuracy and usefulness. All articles are sent to our reviewers blinded—that is, with the author’s name and credentials deleted, so that the reviewer doesn't know who is authoring the work. We do this because we think we get a more fair and even-handed review of the article based on its merit. Questions about reviews should be addressed to the managing editor.

Make sure your manuscript has the following
* Title of manuscript should be typed 14 fonts, bold.

* The author (s) full name(s) (starting with forename, then family, 11 fonts).

* Normally a manuscript should not exceed 20 pages, 1,15 line spacing, 12 fonts, including all relevant materials.

* Manuscript should be typed in 1 line spacing on one side of A4 or 8½" × 11" paper with 2.5 cm wide left, right, top and bottom margins. Do not use full stops after abbreviations unless essential for clarity. Abbreviations of chemical and other names should be defined when first mentioned in the body of the paper, unless commonly used and internationally known and accepted.

* Units Use SI units in accordance with the recommendations of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

* Abstract should not normally exceed 350 words but not less than 150 words.

* References:  Check carefully for accuracy and follow the correct style.

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